As an Emergency Medicine physician, my day doesn't end at the end of a busy shift. My experiences stay in my mind at all hours of the day: whether at 2 AM when I wake up to get a glass of water, or when I am on vacation. These rich interactions occupy my mind for weeks, months and years and greatly influence my work. My goal is to document the human experience from my unique perspective, as a physician. I want my viewers to get a glimpse into my world, my thoughts and my opinions, as they relate to health, disease and the human body. I hope to share the beauty of the emotional highs and devastating lows that make up the human experience and share my small contribution to it.


Adhikari has been practicing clinical Emergency Medicine for over15 years. She also spends a lot of time painting. Her work has been featured in the Frederic Jameson Gallery at Duke University,  The National Academy of Medicine and in Intima: The Journal of Narrative Medicine. She has also donated her art to the charity Musa Masala, to raise money for the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial hospital near Everst base camp. In 2020, she created and illustrated a book, Diagnosketch, which is an illustrated guide for the non-medical audience of common acute care medical diagnoses.

Throughout her career, she has been involved with many projects related to Nepal. In 2015, after the devastating earthquake, she was the medical director for the US-based Team Rubicon's disaster response, Operation Tenzin. She was involved in a project with We Care Solar, setting up a Solar Suitcase for Tamakoshi Cooperative Hospital. She also supports Sunapati Bhwasa Charity Medical Center in Bethan, Ramecchap and distributes medical supplies donated by Americares. She is the co-founder of the non-profit organization in Manthali, Nepal that focuses on women empowerment called 'smartketi.' More information about the charity can be found at  



2017- 2019 North Carolina Academy of Art

Previous Art Education include various workshops, classes

2002-2006 Emergency Medicine Residency, Boston Medical Center

1998-2002 Boston University School of Medicine, MD

1994-1998 Boston University, BA Biology


Diagnosketch: a visual guide to medical diagnosis for the non-medical audience, 2020.


2020 Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, Spring 2020 Issue; 3 pieces accepted “Opium’s Hold,” “Covid’s Agony,” and “What Lies Beneath,” (

2018 Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, Fall 2018 Issue, (

2018 National Academy of Medicine, Permanent online gallery, Washington, DC. Expressions of clinical well-being, (

2018 Frederic Jameson Gallery at Duke University, Durham, NC.  Rise of the Phoenix, 3rd Annual el Quixote Festival.

2018 Wilderness Medical Society Winter Conference, Lake Tahoe, CA. Musa Masala Art Show benefitting the Wonchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital in Nepal. 


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