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More about Diagnosketch

      This book was made with the goal to increase medical literacy during the health care encounter. It tries to simplify difficult concepts of anatomy and pathophysiology into memorable, understandable cartoons for the non-medical population. The name, ‘Diagnosketch’ combines the term, ‘diagnosis’ with the term, ‘sketch,’ to combine a diagnosis with a picture. Diagnosketch relies on the concept of ‘picture superiority effect.' This concept explains that hearing information will lead to retention of 10% of content. But, hearing AND seeing information, will lead to retention of 65% of content. Diagnosketch is a tool, not only explain difficult concepts to patients, but also to help patients remember them. It hopes to improve health care literacy for the non-medical population. 

     Over the last 14 years of practice as an Emergency Medicine physician, I have realized that medical professionals do a great job diagnosing disease. We run blood tests, urine tests, x-rays and CT scans. We come up with accurate diagnosis and start proper treatments. Yet, sometimes, when we try to explain everything to our patients, we may not communicate information as clearly as is possible. I created Diagnosketch in order to fill in this gap. I hope that it will be a useful tool for bedside patient education.