Mountain Strength, oil on canvas 12 X 16, private collection

This painting represents the strength that is present in the typical Nepali village woman. This ethnically Tamang women is on her way to work to the fields in work in the small village of Bethan. Although she is well aware of the hard day of work ahead of her, she is eager to work to sustain her family.

This painting was donated to the Art Show at the Wilderness Medical Society conference in Lake Tahoe in 2018. The group show, that featured several artists, raised $10,000 for the Wonchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital in Chyangba Village, near Everest Base Camp. The organization, called musamasala (, spearheaded the show. Musa masala has been working with The Himalayan Rescue Association, Peak Promotion Nepal, The Nepal Medical Program at Stanford University and the Wilderness Medical Society to build this hospital, to serve the local community.