medical education

This collection of images is meant to provide visual aids to properly explain detailed medical terminology in a simple, understandable way. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the medical visit, explained at the bedside, by a medical professional. Instead of being organized by organ system (ie: cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, etc), it is organized by common patient complaint: abdominal pain, chest pain, back pain, etc. It is meant to ensure that each patient receives custom knowledge and understanding of their own anatomy and pathology related to their diagnosis. The visual aid is not drawn to scale intentionally to allow for better understanding of common pathology and for easier explanation. Also, it is drawn in a very colorful, cartoonish way to keep the viewer engaged.

The images include a 'normal' and an 'abnormal' version. To aid in its ease of use and number of images, all 'abnormal' pathology is on one image, which is unlikely to occur in real life. Also, some images have both female and male structures on the same image. Please feel free to use any image to aid in patient education. If you click on an image, a larger version of the same image comes up. Please understand, also, that these images are not in anyway medical advice and are merely tools to aid the medical provider. Any feedback is much appreciated (    

Normal Abdomen

Abnormal abdomen

Normal retroperitoneum

abnormal retroperitoneum

Normal chest

abnormal chest

Facial structures

pelvic structures

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